commercial solar power

WJ & WJ Couch – one of the largest dairy farms in Western Victoria. Has over 650 heads of cattle producing over 8000 litres of milk a day. The farm spreads of 400 acres.

Like most dairy farms, the electricity usage is consumed during milking hours in the morning and evening. Equipment ranging from Rotary table, Vaccuum pump, Chillers, Grain feeders, water pumps use a lot of electricity. In addition to this, irrigation pumps that are used in summer use substantial amount of electricity.

Project Facts

Industry: DAIRY
Daily energy usage: 432 kWh (8 months) – 2343 kWh (4 months) / day
System size: 85 kW Solar pv – 3 Phase Using eArche Solar Panels. This is currently the largest installation of Solar PV using eArche light weight Solar Panels.
Recorded savings: Between $4180 – $6253 per month

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