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Leading Solar Energy Company

Crystal Solar Energy is founded and based on the philosophy of providing Energy Efficiency and Sustainability through innovative technologies and processes. Energy efficiency simply means using less energy to perform the same task – that is, eliminating energy waste. Energy efficiency brings a variety of benefits: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing demand for energy imports from conventional sources, and lowering our costs on commercial, household, and at an economy-wide level. Renewable energy technologies such as installing Solar Panels on your roof, adding a battery storage help accomplish these objectives providing immediate results – while saving money. There are other means to bring energy efficiency with enormous opportunities for efficiency improvements in every sector of the economy, whether it is buildings, transportation, industry, or energy generation.

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Unlocking the potential of energy efficiency, cogeneration, and demand management requires specialists that know how to deliver projects while supporting their clients’ core goals.

Identifying energy efficiency opportunities at specific buildings and sites and working with clients to improve facilities, equipment, processes, and behavior. Developing and manufacturing advanced energy-efficient products using proven methodologies to identify areas of energy savings and provide solutions.

Crystal Solar Energy is actively deploying new technologies and products to improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

Call us today to explore how Crystal Solar Energy can bring energy efficiency that works for you.

Our philosophy is based on the ethos of placing our clients’ requirements first and delivering the best possible solution to our clients – with the use of only the highest quality products whilst also being priced competitively. Our goal is to provide innovative Energy Solutions that enhance efficiency and enable you to power your business or home with clean energy.

Our extensive industry experience comes from a background of engineering that has seen Crystal Solar Energy at the forefront of the ever-changing and development and renewable power advancements.

Make a Difference with Bespoke Energy Efficient Solutions

Crystal Solar Energy is proud to be a boutique specialist in the Solar Power industry since 2010. Our commitment to excellence combined with our expertise, quality products, warranties, and ongoing service is what clearly sets Crystal Solar Energy apart from other solar PV providers. If you are looking for solutions for solar energy in Victoria, that best fits your needs, look no further.

We are at the forefront of what we do and are a trusted solar power company and endorsed Solar Approved Retailer by the Clean Energy Council.

We adopt clear methodologies, which includes free consultation & site survey, Analysis & Solutions design, Proposals & Presentation, Project funding options, seek required Approvals. Followed by Procurement, Installation, Commissioning, Monitoring & ongoing maintenance.

Our goal is to provide our customers:

  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Achieve savings up to 60% on your ongoing electricity bills
  • Identify and solutions that investment paid for in 5 years or under* (*+savings can be achieved through the optimum design of solar PV, using solar industry-recognized software such as PV SELL)
  • Use solar panels which are independently tested for performance by PVEL
  • This results in us delivering our clients top quality products with peace of mind and ongoing significant savings on their electricity costs and making a true difference is our “Why Choose Crystal Solar Energy”.


We Offer Following Emerging Innovative Technologies

  • Hydrogen Fuel cell coupled with Solar PV
  • Buoyancy Based power generation
  • Mass Momentum Conversion
  • Kinetic Energy Conversion
  • BWRO using renewable for the conversion of brackish water to drinking water with energy recovery


We welcome the opportunity to explore how Crystal Solar Energy can provide you with a solution(s) that suits you.


6 Easy Steps to Make Your Business Energy Efficient

Our Process

Free Consultation & Site Survey

We conduct a site survey and identify the energy inefficiencies found in the facility.

Analysis & Solution Design

Analyse your energy bills and provide you solutions that are suitable for the facility. We have a range of options to offer.

Proposal & Presentation

Prepare a proposal outlining the energy savings options, deployment, ROI, savings on maintenance

Project Funding Options

Advice on
a. Rebates and Incentives
b. Leasing / Rent to own (tax deductible)
c. Financing
d. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Installation & Inspection

a. Obtain permits and approvals
b. Complete installation
c. Testing and commissioning
d. Post job inspection
e. Minimal disruption to facility
f. Ongoing inspection & maintenance plan

Enjoy Energy Savings

Begin to enjoy the operational savings immediately.


Our Solar Solutions

Crystal Solar Energy provides a comprehensive solution in energy savings  & efficiency through methodical assessment of your energy requirement. Identify solar pv solutions that are suit  your facility, bringing you the energy savings in a sustainable way, thus saving you money.

Our Sustainable Solutions

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability. Crystal Solar Energy provides an end to end solution in energy efficiency and sustainability through methodical assessment of your energy requirement. Identify solutions that are suitable for your facility, bringing you the energy efficiency and sustainabilty, thus saving you money.

Our Clients

Some of our clients include:

Dairy farms, Dairy food processing facilities, Catering facilities, Printing facilities, Cold storage facilities, Manufacturing companies to name a few.


I am glad I installed this innovative Lithium battery storage solution.
I have seen my electricity bill drop by 62% and I am expecting this to improve the coming months..
The advice Crystal Solar Energy provided was sound and information provided was good.
I would recommend Crystal Solar Energy to anyone who are contemplating to install a Solar Hybrid Energy System.

Lenish John

great ideas!