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Who we are

Crystal Solar Energy is founded and based on the philosophy of providing Energy Efficiency and Sustainability through innovative technologies and processes. Energy efficiency simply means using less energy to perform the same task – that is, eliminating energy waste. Energy efficiency brings a variety of benefits: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing demand for energy imports, and lowering our costs on a household and economy-wide level. While renewable energy technologies also help accomplish these objectives, improving energy efficiency is the cheapest – and often the most immediate – way to save money. There are enormous opportunities for efficiency improvements in every sector of the economy, whether it is buildings, transportation, industry, or energy generation.

Unlocking the potential of energy efficiency, cogeneration, and demand management requires specialists that know how to deliver projects while supporting their clients’ core goals.

Identifying energy efficiency opportunities at specific buildings and sites and Working with clients to improve facilities, equipment, processes, and behavior. Developing and manufacturing advanced energy efficiency products. We employ proven methodologies to identify areas of energy savings and provide solutions.

Crystal Solar Energy is actively exploring new technologies and products to improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

We welcome the opportunity to explore how Crystal Solar Energy can work for you.

Why choose us

Since 2010, we have demonstrated our ability to identify and provide practical solutions to our customers.We value our clients’ need and provide multiple solutions to achieve energy efficiency goal. we are proud to be a boutique service provider in the this area abd our commitment to excellence combined with our expertise, quality products, warranties and ongoing service is what clearly sets Crystal Solar Energy apart from other energy efficiency providers.

Our experience

Our extensive industry experience comes from a background of engineering that has seen Crystal Solar Energy at the forefront of the ever-changing process of achieving Energy Efficiency.

Among our clients

We have clients from various industry segments such as Manufacturing, Printing, Dairy farms, Dairy processing, Food Industries, Cold Storage and warehousing to name a few.

About Founders

Engineers with four decades of experience in multiple facets of engineering.

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Cost Effective Solutions


Practical Advice


Attention to detail and more importantly, prompt service