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Panel Wattage

Solar Panel wattage is the measure of the amount of power generated by the panel. The energy generated by the sun is approximately 1000 watts /sq. meter. The total wattage of the panel is = (area of panel x 1000 x Efficiency of the panel)


The efficiency of a solar panel is the percentage of the energy in the sunlight that hits the panel surface which is successfully converted into electrical energy. A good solar panel will have an efficiency of 18% or more


The power output of a Solar Panel is critical in a PV System. A good solar panel should have a performance guarantee for 25 years.  You should look for

  1. Positive power tolerance
  2. High module conversion efficiency
  3. Slower power degradation
  4. Better Energy Yield
  5. Robust frame

Solar Panel output decreases over time due to degradation of cells. Performance warranty defines the minimum level of performance in 25 years.

Product Warranty

Product Warranty covers the manufacturing defects or materials. Usually this warranty covers 10 or 15 years.

More importantly, Crystal Solar Energy uses the results of the testing done by PVEL-DNVGL on solar panels