Public Area Lighting – Solar Light + HD Camera and Monitoring

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Long Lasting Solar Powered LED Lights

Welcome to our new Solar Powered Public Area Lighting with 4G enabled HD Camera. There are many times we encounter situations like trespassing, break-in, theft, damage and even attacks in public places.

Our new Public Area Lighting offers:

  • Solar Powered LED LIGHT with LITHIUM BATTERY.
  • 5 Day Battery Storage.
  • HD Camera with PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) function.
  • 4G Compatible.
  • 5X zoom function.
  • Remote viewing and camera adujstment via APP.
  • Fully Monitored System on a PC.
  • Realtime video viewing.
  • Recorded playback available.
  • 256 GB Micro SD card slots for daily/weekly recording.
  • Multiple cameras can be added to monitoring platform.

Please Download our Brochure for more Information.